Top 5 Freelancer Sites to Earn Extra Money Online

Top Five Freelancer Sites to Earn Extra Money Online

A Student, professional or anyone else who has got the skills, would usually want to earn some more money without getting away far away. So, for all of you, who has something in you that can make you earn, but don’t know what are the top alternatives to earn from home, I have listed the top 5 freelancer sites where you can get paid reasonably well for doing the work that interests you. You just need an internet connection and a web browser.
Here is the list of top 5 freelancer websites for you to find the work that you are skillful of and get paid.

Freelancer is one of the oldest and well renowned website for all the freelancers who want to work from home. Freelancer is a great portal for freelancers where they can find the type of work that interests them from about 400 available categories including vast varieties of fields and skills categories. From logos to web design, article writing to building iPhone apps, simple data entry jobs to survey taking, has it all for you. It has two types of memberships, first is the regular one that is free but limits the users to bid at most 10 projects per month. If you need to bid more than 10 projects per month, you need to buy premium Freelancer membership for $20 per month.

oDesk is another freelancer website that has gained enormous popularity among the freelancers over the last few years. In fact oDesk has become the largest freelancer website in the web, playing host to over one million freelancers and customers. Freelancers can showcase their skills and bid their prices on each task, the task creator will then choose the freelancers based on their bidding and the other variables. It also offers Hourly paid projects i.e. the payment according to hour rate of the freelancer.

Guru is the other top alternative for the freelancers. It offers more than 200 categories where freelancers can collaborate with project providers or heads to complete a task in the meanwhile create outstanding outcomes. ensures that the freelancers will get paid after being approved by the project provider. It takes the payment for the job before the work begins and then after the work is completed and approved by the Employer it pays you. This secures the freelancers from peoples who get their work listed and after then when the work is completed by any freelancer, they were not being able to pay for them.

Fiverr is one of the leading sites providing freelancer work on the web with its easy to access and simplified platform. Fiverr allows you to create and share your Gigs with the world. And if your Gig gets ordered, the person who ordered will be charged $5, of which you will get $4 within 48 hours after you have successfully deliver your work. Fiverr offers a market that will allow you to not only earn money online but also to meet new long-term clients.

3Desk is a freelancer website that allows you to find the work of your interest in your own locality. 3Desk allows you to log in using your linkedIn account and based on your linkedIn profile, it prepares the list of recommended tasks for you. 3Desk ensures prevention of spam job posters and ensures that only real jobs are posted for a fair wage.

All of the above sites are the premium freelancers sites and trusted by the thousands and millions of freelancers. I recommend you to try all of them or at least more than one and find which one suits you better. And do not forget to share your review of the sites you use and suggest any changes, if possible in the above list of freelancer sites.


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Freelancer Sites to Earn Extra Money Online

  1. Great Post! I Just came across a wonderful freelancing website as it belongs specifically for web development works and found it pretty interesting as such, got very authentic clients which is something really hard to find and above all they have got schemes for freelancers which is equal to as if I was working for any MNC on job roll.
    Some of which are listed below: –
    • Incentives/Loyalty Bonus
    • Gifts
    • Medical Benefits
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    • Food and other coupons
    Apart from this they offer their best support and much more involvement which no other freelancing site offers. And that’s what makes them amazingly different and far more innovative.

  2. First, I want to do a bit more Hollywood-like things.
    The first touch control feature was a new addition to the career mode which had
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  3. Hi India Techies is a freelancer marketplace that launched in late 2011. Relatively new in comparison to the above mentioned list but it opens doors of opportunity to talented Freelancers especially based in India. Our clientele is based in USA, UK, Europe (mainly Spain) and Latin America hence the platform operates bilingually in Spanish and English. Our categories range from Videos, Design, Writing, Audio, Programming, Applications to Business services- A broad range is covered because of our clients demand. We look forward to welcome Indian Talent!

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