How To Create A Restore Point And Restore It In Windows XP And Windows 7

Today I going to write the post about “HOW TO CREATE A RESTORE POINT IN WINDOWS XP”  Restoring is nothing about getting back the system without any failure or malware & viruses.  we have to follow some steps for restoring they are given below:-

When the restoring point must be created!

The Restore point must be created after installing new operating system into the that the system can be restored back when it is affected or crashed to the restoration point which we have created..


Restoring point must be created after installing the new operating system in the computer because if there is any virus infection or system crash we can restore the system back to its original status(that means we will getting  back the system as when we installed the new operating system) Continue reading


Comparison of LG Optimus M Plus and Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

LG Optimus M Plus and Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Comparison

Some of you may find it hard to believe  but if we talk about some of the oldest rivalries in field of mobile technology Samsung and LG can be easily found in the list (in fact can be noticed in first few). I know you might be thinking that Nokia and Apple are the companies which can provide real competition to this brand know as Samsung as these are the companies which are coming with such products which can stand tall against some of the highly appreciated Samsung gadgets.

But the real story is bit different from what we know, according to past few records there was a time when Samsung wasn’t enjoying this high level appreciation from consumers and the reason was ‘list of products’ it was coming with. In fact LG was one of those few companies which has always given a tough competition to this telecom company in old days, and without a doubt same has been repeated again. While most of us are very much sure that we would like to purchase new Samsung galaxy ace plus there are few reasons which can make you rethink about your decision and can make you move towards LG Optimus M Plus which is perfectly blended to take place of same. Continue reading