Samsung Galaxy s5 – The world’s fastest auto focus speed at 0.3 seconds and features like HDR

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 last year has churned excitement sparks among the public. Samsung is now all set to unveil the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S5, an announcement of the launch of Galaxy S5 is exciting, because S4 was packed with innovation and the stand out feature was ‘Air Gestures’. S5 was displayed to the public in grand style at 2014 Mobile World Congress. Software mobile technology has progressed rapidly over the years, and S5 has a string of arch competitors such as iPhone 6 and M8 HTC.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Front and Rear View

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Front and Rear View


Samsung Galaxy S5 looks similar to S4, and is tailored with Super AMOLED 5.1 inch screen. It measures 142.0×72.5×8.1mm and weighs 145g, and is heavier and denser than Galaxy S4. Samsung Galaxy S5 is similar to S4 in many quarters, the major variation lies in design, a removable back lid, and there are new amazing color choices to look forward to as well such as Copper Gold, Electric Blue, Shimmery White, and Charcoal Black.

Interior Processes:

Samsung Galaxy S5 is injected with powerful 16 or 32 GB storage capacity which can extend to about 128GB. The memory capacity is 2GB RAM and the processor make is 810. The battery durability is pretty vast at 2800 mAh and is detachable, and can accommodate additional charge of 20% compared to S4. The software fitments are admirable but nothing out of the ordinary. S5 has tons of new interesting features in the form of sensors, fingerprint scanner, and new 16MP camera. The fitment of fingerprint scanner sounds attention grabbing, and the initialization process is simple and straight forward, and can be adjusted 8 times. The best part is it can support multiple digits, and consumers can scan their thumb, middle and index finger.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Rear View

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Rear View

Fingerprint Scanner:

The stand out feature of Samsung Galaxy S5 is the fingerprint scanner, and Samsung is keen to impart the importance of health through the phone with the insertion of Gear Fit and Gear apps along with new S- Health app of S5, which records heart rate, exercise regime and has diet control programs.

The benchmark feature of Samsung Galaxy S5 is the Qualcomm 801 Snapdragon processer, which can support 128 GB SD cards. The capturing capacity is phenomenal at 16MP and the feature to look forward is to download Booster which combines Wi-Fi and LTE.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Rear View

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Rear View


Mobile technology has progressed to a tremendous level that water proof devises have taken the center stage. Just like Sony Xperia series Galaxy S5 has dust and water proof capacities, and there is now no room for worries when the phone accidently slips into a pool or washing machine. The potent 16MP camera is filled with tons of new characteristics, and the trait to watch out for is uber fast auto focus in just 0.3 seconds, and the image quality is magnificent and is tailored with premium engineering technology such as HDR Live preview HDR setting and changing focus of image post processing also called Selective focus.

Operating System:

S5 operates on 4.4.2 KitKat and also Samsung’s unit ingredient TouchWiz UX, and these features offer loads of entertainment in form of animation, wig widgets. One features which makes S5 a desirable and attention grabbing piece is the presence of Ultra Power saving mode system. When the battery is at its peak low level, the display of the phone will transform to white and black and color display disappears. The other convenient feature to look forward is the internet, SMS and calls.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is an attractive slender piece, and is packed with amazing features, and consumers will be awe-inspired by the unique appeal and feel of the phone. S5 scores well in battery, image and performance sector, and the fresh features to look forward to are the sensor and health apps.

Launch Details:

Samsung Galaxy S5 will launch sometime next month and is an interesting phone to look forward to for those who are keen on new phone experience. As years pass newer theories on mobile technology are explored frequently and one feature to look forward to S5 is the auto focus speed which is the fastest in the globe and happens at 0.3 secs. The fingerprint scanner is a novel feature in S5 and is not a common mobile feature. The 16MP camera makes the capturing experience more pleasurable and can capture images in all waves of light and perfect for life-remembering encounters such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and so on.


Those who are keen to purchase Samsung Galaxy S5 it is a worthy purchase for a convenience, and healthy mode of life. Dietitian and doctors stress all over the world are concerned about the current trends in food lifestyle. The emergence of fast food industry enriched with oil has led to the occurrence of obesity related diseases. The presence of health apps and sensors on S5 is ideal for those who are particular about leading a fun and healthy mode of life.

The hype associated with Samsung Galaxy S5 is sky high way ahead before its actual launch. The mobile industry is going through and has gone through a massive revolution in the past years, and S5 has all the amazing and

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rear Gear

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rear Gear

fun apps a modern techie freak would enjoy. The price structure of the phone is not yet reveled and is expected to be priced at 550 to 600 pounds.

Samsung Galaxy S5 was revealed to the public at 2014 Mobile World Congress, and it is a thrilling piece, and anyone would like to acquire a taste of S5 after the grand success and innovative features packed into Samsung Galaxy S4. Let’s wait for the launch of the phone and observe how it fares in the market, it might be another addition to the list of Samsung wonders.


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  1. The world’s fastest auto focus speed at 0.3 seconds and features like HDR…….True samsung……….

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