About IndiaTechies

About Us

IndiaTechies is a blog that is aiming at providing you all the latest technological news, products, trends, tips and tricks specially targetted to Indian audience.  IndiaTechies aims at educating people about the technological trends and knowledge so that they can use the latest advances in the information technology to their advantage.

We the IndiaTechies blog think that the India has the large potential in the field of Information Technology and the number of people in world’s top IT companies prove this fact. Now we should take this trend further ahead and maximize our potentials in the technological advances and compete with the rest of the world.

IndiaTechies blog is dedicated to spread the awareness and knowledge of the technology among the Indian people. You will be updated regularly about the latest interesting updates from the techno-world.

IndiaTechies Writers

Currently IndiaTechies have only one writer that will be named as indiatechies. But we are open to invite good technical writers and technical people to Write For Us if they think that they have something to share with the readers.

We Need Your Support

As you might have noticed, IndiaTechies is a new initiave and we need the support of our readers to grow.  We will be communicating with you via comments or personal emails so please do indulge in every posts and give your valuable Comments and feedbacks in comments.


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