Torch Browser Window

Torch Browser Review

Torch Web Browser Review

You must have heard about this Torch Browser as it has been promoted very strongly over the last few weeks on social media sites and through ads all over the web. So, let us know what Torch Browser is all about and how is it different from the other major web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

About Torch Browser

While I used the Torch Browser, right from its look and feel to the settings, menus and bookmarking options to the availability of Chrome Web Store, there was no difference in the Google Chrome and Torch Browser and it is rightly so as it is also based on the Chromium technology platform like Google Chrome. As both the browsers are based on the same Chromium code, Torch Browser is also as lightning fast as Google Chrome and in addition to all the features that Chrome offers such as friendly light-weight interface, safe and easy to use, Torch Browser has new exciting range of features that are most desired and used by the internet users these days.

Torch Browser

Torch Browser

Torch Browser Features

Built-In Torrent

With Torch Browser you don’t need any other torrent client as it is built-in this browser already. It lets you download and manage the torrents directly from the browser. As soon as you download the torrent files, the download begins and it also allows you to manage those downloads like any other torrent client software. You can limit the downloading and uploading speed, pause, resume, remove the torrents and moreover it also works well with magnet links. There is also an option in Torch Browser, which lets you set Torch Browser as the default torrent client. Continue reading