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Write for IndiaTechies

IndiaTechies is a blog that is aiming at providing you all the latest technological news, products, trends, tips and tricks specially targetted to Indian audience.  IndiaTechies aims at educating people about the technological trends and knowledge so that they can use the latest advances in the information technology to their advantage.

IndiaTechies wants to promote Guest Bloggers and other people who want to write the quality technology related articles. If you think you have it in you to become a good technical post then you are most welcome.


You can submit your articles related to any technological topic like Gadgets, Technology, Social Networking, SEO, Video Games and other Tips and Tricks for the readers. Try to write your post keeping in mind the Indian audience and how they can benefit from your post.

What Will You Get?

Well, You will be allowed to put two Links back to your favorite sites and you will get the chance to expose your skills to the targetted audience of the IndiaTechies.

How To Submit

You can submit your posts for reviewing at iamharish15 at gmail.com.

After reviewing for quality and other checkups your post will be posted with your name as writer.


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